Executive Director's Blog - 6 Weeks On

Mike Veenstra


I’ve been in Canada for 6 weeks now and just over 3 weeks in the role of Executive Director. As I write this, we have just finished training 15 more people to run the CAP money course, equipping them to deliver the course to people in their community and empowering others to take control of their finances rather than being controlled by them.

My wife and I are still adjusting to Canada, getting used to saying pants instead of trousers, dollars instead of pounds, diapers instead of nappies, and sidewalk instead of pavement. There is a familiar thing, though, that is no different to the UK -   the heart, vision and culture of Christians Against Poverty. If you are in the UK, Australia, New Zealand or here in Canada, you will see the same thing in who we are. Our mission to serve the poor, save the lost, with the church across the nation. It is part of our DNA and we will never compromise on these things.

Since arriving here in Canada, I have had so many instances where I have been reminded by God that CAP and the local church working together is part of God’s plan for this nation. Poverty is everywhere and surrounds us, sometimes hidden behind closed doors, sometimes obvious and in our faces, but we are called to do something about it and that is what we are doing.

This year, we press on to partner with more churches to reach the poorest in our communities. We also continue to focus on building strong foundations as an organisation for our necessary growth (I think there is something in the bible about that!). Please do continue praying for us, that God would continue to provide for all we need, that he would draw great people and churches to us to reach the poorest and take Jesus into their lives. I am filled with a great sense of excitement and anticipation about what God is doing in this nation and the role of the Church in that.

Thank you for supporting us, together we are Christians Against Poverty


Chris Brown.


Posted by Mike Veenstra on Thu Mar 2, 2017

Join our dynamic Partnership team!

Will MacLaughlin

Do you have a heart to inspire and motivate churches and individuals to engage with Canadian poverty in their own local neighbourhoods?

Do you want to join us in serving the poor, saving the lost, with the church, across this amazing nation of Canada?

If the answer is YES - then you might be the person we're looking for to join our Partnership team at our Head Office in Hamilton.

Check out the Job Description and Application Form for more details.

**** DEADLINE for application December 30, 2016 ****

Posted by Will MacLaughlin on Thu Dec 8, 2016

People finding work!

'Thank you for turning my life round and giving me the confidence, motivation and more achievable abilities to find employment. Thank you for listening to me and praying for me.' - CAP Job Club Member

As I write this one of our Job Club Member's is having a job interview. I spoke to her yesterday and she was nervous but excited ... thanks to the CAP Job Club she was equipped to apply for this job and has the confidence that she can do the role. We are praying that she is successful!

She is not alone ... THREE other Job Club Members have found work already - that is a third of the participants at our pilot club. How amazing is that! God is so good. Imagine the difference that that is making in their lives and for their families. A regular income, increased self esteem, new friendships and so much more.

I've also just heard that in the UK, 1000 people have now found work in the last three years!! 600 of them said that unemployment caused anxiety or depression - now they are free from that burden! More than 1 million meals have been afforded on their own income. 1700 children now have employed parents.

Can you imagine with me what that might do for our cities if our Job Clubs helped put 1000 people back into work?? This is going to happen here!  Nothing is impossible for our God.

Posted by on Thu Jul 21, 2016

Looking for an experienced credit counsellor!

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to work in a life changing, compassionate and faith-filled organization? We're looking for people who have a heart for the poor and the right skills to help them.

As we continue to help more clients struggling with debt, we are looking for a new member of staff to join the team. We are looking for a candidate with experience in credit counselling, who holds the Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada (AFCC) designation.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to join a rapidly growing Christian charity and to be involved in the exciting pioneering phase, offering professional help to people in need.

Are you interested or do you know someone who might be? We are looking for a passionate individual who shares our heart for the poor and needy and who has the relevant experience.

For more information about the job vacancy, have a look at the job description. For application forms and to apply please email info@capcanada.org

**** DEADLINE for application July 31, 2016 ****

Posted by on Tue Jul 12, 2016

Week Without: Reflections

Mike Veenstra

CAP’s week without is well underway. Each of our staff members is giving something up this week in a movement of solidarity with our clients. Every week this year we’ve had to turn away prospective clients because there isn’t a service available near to them. Some of the challenges they face – the challenges our Week Without emulates – have been surprising.

For example, I (Mike from Client Services team) am only eating twice a day. While it might not seem like much at first, focusing on ANYTHING when your stomach is empty is difficult. Productivity goes down. You become irritable. As I write this, I’m getting to the point where I haven’t had a substantial meal in 10 hours. I feel tired, sluggish, and I have a headache. Even this blog post requires what feels like a Herculean effort. I don’t know how I would cope if this was how every day went.

And I’m not the only one. Dave, from our Church Partnership team, has limited himself to 50 things. For some of our clients, this is where they are at. They don’t have extra of anything, and that means empty time is scary. Dave spent his evening sitting on a hard-backed chair, waiting for the time to tick by. No TV, no books. Like many of our clients, leisure time is often empty because of a lack of resources to fill it with.

Helen Norris, our Church Support Manager, has been experiencing the isolation that many of our clients feel. Even though there might be others around, many of our clients are quite isolated and their health begins to suffer because of it. With no one to interact with, each day becomes more and more challenging.

One of our clients was living on $11.50 for groceries before they called us. Will has been emulating that this week. His food allowance has been tight, and it ripples out to other situations. Will was invited to a pot-luck dinner, and brought along two slices of bread. Had this not been a temporary, work-related scenario, Will simply wouldn’t have gone.










These are just a few examples of our Week Without journey so far. I’d encourage you to visit capcanada.org/weekwithout and donate to support our clients who aren’t in this situation for seven days – the average wait before someone calls CAP is a year. That 365 days spent struggling with being hungry, isolated, and ashamed. With your help, we can expand the reach of our service network, and help reach those in need. Click Here and donate now. Simply put “week without” in the “What Prompted you to give today” box and we can see our fundraising goal of $5000.00 reached and exceeded.

Posted by Mike Veenstra on Tue Mar 1, 2016

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